The idea that only one's mind is sure to exist

What is solipsism? It's the philosophical idea that only one's mind is known to exist - now, you may look at this post and think two things: 1) How is this remotely related to you, Harris? and 2) That's not a very accurate philosophy. I can address these topics very simply - on the whole, since this is my personal website, I figured I'd start around a theme - a philosophy - that does instigate loneliness, but also portrays a noble, universal truth. I cannot be sure that any other beings exist just as you cannot assume that this blog was written by me, but rather your mind. Think about it - what if every being surrounding us was just a creation of our imagination? Surely our mind is capable of many things, but creating an alternate reality? That seems like another level: until you consider the alternate universe theory. In most games, there's one main player. What if that player is you? And, as aforementioned, you may jest at the inaccuracy of solipsism, but there's really no way to prove the theory wrong. If you point to any moral accolades bestowed upon yourself by others, such as the fact that others would cease to exist if they knew that they were serving a higher being - how different is religion? We believe we are serving a higher existence in exchange for eternal happiness. Now, in no regard am I saying your mind can be compared to that of a higher being - that's a new level of pretentiousness.